1. Mission

The INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION is a Members Association whose mission is to organize the mass transit global monorail sector, promote the application of monorail, publish information, and promote the establishment of performance standards.

2. Incorporation

The INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION was an Association originally incorporated by notary act dated May 19th, 2010, based in the Netherlands. By member’s meeting resolutions date September 19, 2014 it was liquidated. The Association was re-established as a Swiss Association on February 7, 2015. The registered office of the Association is in Heimberg, Switzerland.

3. Focus

INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION is largely, but not specifically, an organization whose focus is on monorail systems defined as automated grade separated types of mass transit systems open to all support, guidance or propulsion method.

4. Governance

INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION is a non-profit making monorail interest organization, governed by an elected Executive Council, chaired by a President elected by the same Council. The Executive Council consists of minimum of 3 persons in accordance with the Articles of the Association. In addition, the Association may assign the position of an Immediate Past-President and link it to a non-elected seat on the Executive Council. The Immediate Past-President is supportive of the president and the president elect and acts as Ambassador of the organization.

5. Aim

The aim of INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION is to provide a platform for interaction between National, Regional, and Local Public Authorities, the Monorail OEM Industry, the Monorail Operating and/or Maintenance Companies, Monorail Consulting Engineering Companies and Monorail System Builders, with the purpose to aid in the responsible and efficient use of Monorail for Public Mass Transit. This aim will be achieved by the provision of informative, educational and technical material for dissemination in the market, by working with industry professionals to assist in the establishment of Performance Standards, and by promoting the use of Monorail for Public Mass Transit.

6. Membership

INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION Membership is open to natural and legal persons with an interest in the use of Monorail in Public Mass Transit in accordance with the Articles of the Association. There is no geographical restriction in terms of the Members Registered place of business. Members join for a calendar year.

In addition to membership, there is a category for Affiliate Organizations for transit related entities that accord IMA membership by reciprocity. Affiliate Organizations’ have the same reciprocal membership benefits at IMA than those accorded to our IMA members, except voting, representing the association and use of the IMA logo. Members of Affiliate Organization are encouraged to become IMA members, independently of the Affiliate Organization, to enjoy those benefits.

7. Meetings and conferences

A Members Meeting will be held once a year, possibly coinciding with major industry events. Dedicated Monorail Conferences may be held under the auspices of the Association to share and encourage the advancement of this technology. English will be the language of communication.

8. Working groups

Working groups may be elected to define and/or research where the use of Monorail Technology and Application can advance further, what the deficiencies are and what needs to be done to bridge the gap between existing misconceptions and real values and benefits of Monorail for Public Mass Transit. Specifically the Association will seek to contribute towards the establishment of Performance Standards by the formation of a Standards Working Group and the provision of members to participate in Standards development.

9. Management

The General Secretary runs the daily business of the Association, until an Executive Director is appointed by the Executive Council. A Treasurer, elected by the Membership will control the Association Finances.

10. Annual Budget

The Treasurer or Executive Director proposes an annual budget for income and expenditure. The budget is to be approved by the Annual Members Meeting before the next calendar year.

11. Membership Fees

Membership Fees will be recommended by the Executive Council and decided by the Annual Members Meeting. All Members pay an annual fee based on total turnover of the company they represent. New Members pay a one-time joining fee plus their annual fee. The fee structure is subject to approval by the General Members Meeting.

12. Promotion/Publicity

All communication will take place through E-mail and/or via the INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION website. Publicity will be done by means of a free subscription Web Based Newsletter and through the INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION website. As a handout a generic brochure will be produced. Members will make information available to be included in the brochure and the Association website.


The International Monorail Association’s mission is to organize the global monorail sector, promote the application of monorail, publish information, and initiate and support standardization processes of monorail for public mass transport infrastructure.


The INTERNATIONAL MONORAIL ASSOCIATION is entitled to use the Brand Name “MONORAILEX” for branding its International Conferences and Informative Publications via Press, Email and/or Website Publications.


For details see Registration Form


Annual budgets, including one Annual Members Meetings or MONORAILEX Conference are to be submitted by the Treasurer every year at the Annual Members Meeting.

Annual Member Fees

The Annual Members Meeting decides on the Members Fees to be paid and approves the budgets as proposed by the Treasurer.

New Members

All first time Members pay one time joining fee + the applicable annual fee.

Members Benefits

Members will have the following benefits:

  • Voting rights at Members Meetings (1 member = 1 vote).
  • Reduced (20%) conference fees at Association organized conferences.
  • Participate in Association Committee work.
  • Publish and have access to information on Association website, newsletters and present papers at conferences.
  • Exclusive use of the Association logo in their marketing and promotional activities.

Affiliates Organization Members’ Benefits:

  • Reduced (20%) conference fees at Association organized conferences.
  • Participate in Association Committee work.