Work Group: Passenger Evacuation of Monorail Systems

The International Monorail Association has some working groups, that have created documents for Monorail Systems to serve a safe, high quality and reliable total system.

At last year’s Monorailex conference IMA had a panel discussion about the reasons and need of an escape route for passengers and the professionally based explanation of how and whether an escape route can be installed.

Monorailex 2023


The International Monorail Association is excited to invite you to join its 15th annual conference, Monorailex 2023, scheduled to be held in São Paulo, Brazil on October 20 through 22, 2023 with kind support of Metro São Paulo.

First Edition of IMA's Performance Specification for a Turnkey Mass Transit Monorail System released

Worldwide, around 80 percent of monorails fulfil a transport task in public transit, and thanks to their economic advantages and shorter implementation times, the trend is rising. Monorails are not only convincing on greenfield sites; they offer decisive advantages especially in developed or rapidly growing urban areas as the systems can be implemented most easy in highly dense and busy environment. The elevated construction reduces the space requirement to a minimum and does not lead to a displacement of existing surface traffic.

Mononorailex 2022

The International Monorail Association is excited to invite you to join its 14th annual conference, Monorailex 2022, scheduled to be held in Europa-Park Rust, Germany on September 16 through 18, 2022. In addition, there will be a Technical Visits Tour with stops in Nuremberg and Berlin from September 19 to 21, 2022. This hybrid event takes place in advance of the world‘s largest trade fair for transport technology – InnoTrans. Monorailex 2022 is composed of presentation of scholarly papers and expert lecturers sharing their experience with the professional audience. Other highlights of the conference ...


We look back on an exciting and successful Monorailex Conference 2021. During the planning period it wasn’t clear if we would be able to host the Conference in-person, but we were lucky that Italy lifted some of its restrictions early, and with great support from Marino Torre (Hitachi) and Agostino Marioni (Hirun) we could host the Conference in-person in Milan.

Due to still ongoing COVID19 restrictions, some members and interested parties from Egypt, Brazil, India, China, and other countries around the globe couldn’t attend in-person, but the conference was set up as a hybrid event which made it possible to attend over Zoom; and with this to contribute to a successful event with valuable presentations and lively discussions.


We strive to keep our members safe and healthy while continuing to support the monorail industry during these tough times. This year Monorailex was held via Virtual Meeting to ensure the safety of our members and colleagues. The Virtual Meeting was organized in a series of activities that began on 19 September to 22 September, in 3 to 4-hour sessions each day.

The purpose and goal of the Virtual Workshop 2020 was to work on the further development of the association as well as the strategic direction for its future.

During last year’s assembly meeting (MONORAILEX 2019) that was held in Chiba, Japan, the IMA implemented two working groups whose focus was to further the development of the association.