Mission Statement

The mission of the International Monorail Association is to organize the global monorail sector, promote the application of monorail, publish information, and initiate and support standardization processes of monorail for public mass transport infrastructure.

Monorailex 2018

With hundreds of kilometers of monorail projects in the works around the world, the 10th International Monorail Association Annual Conference (Monorailex 2018) is scheduled to be held at the Novotel Hotel am Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany from September 13 to 15, 2018. Monorailex conferences aim to provide a platform for experts and scholars in the field of monorail transportation and business development to share knowledge, discuss existing problems, opportunities, and challenges, while strengthening international cooperation for this cutting-edge technology.

General Manager Availability

The International Monorail Association currently seeks a part-time general manager, with an understanding and appreciation of the transportation market, to support the executive council and oversee and manage effectively job-related duties as the organization sees fit. 

The ideal candidate can sufficiently manage projects, perform administrative tasks, organize activites, maintain websites, databases, and reports, meet deadlines, work and regulate time efficiently, establish and maintain effective working relationships, prospect and create member lists, administer programs resourcefully, represent the association at meetings, forums, and other public events, and communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.

A transportation planning degree and experience with a non-profit organization are pluses.

Monorailex 2017

The International Monorail Association, Beijing Jiaotong University, and China Monorail Transportation Development Research Center announced Monorailex 2017. The conference and exhibition took place at Beijing Jiaotong University, in Beijing, China, September 7-9, with an impressive list of Chinese companies co-organizing the event. The event showcased the progress in the Monorail and Maglev fields, and included International and Chinese exhibitors.