Press Release - World Market Study on Monorail System

SCI Market Study on Monorail SystemeWith a market volume of more than 2 billion Euro p.a., the monorail market segment is a comparatively small, but dynamically growing segment in the transportation business. This is the outcome of a market study which has been worked out by SCI Verkehr for the International Monorail Association.

Especially the importance of monorail systems in Public Transport is growing: The line kilometres of monorails have more than doubled over the past 10 years and more than 80% of those are dedicated to Public Transport. The majority of projects under construction are in Asia, but countries like Brazil and Egypt are playing an important role in the monorail market.

The market study will officially be released at Innotrans 2022 and key results presented on Thursday, 22 September at 11:30 a.m. in the Speakers' Corner Hall 7.2a.

The study introduces an overview of different monorail systems and explains the special application within the context of total turnkey. With available data and sound research, the study presents the current market with an outlook into the mid-term and long-term future of monorails as a public transport system.

Nicolas Wille, project manager and COO at SCI Verkehr, sees further potential for monorail systems: „Already 7 of the world's 10 largest metropolises have a monorail system - the means of transport is suitable both as a supplement to high-performance metro systems and as an alternative to metro or light rail systems in districts or destinations with medium traffic volumes. New traffic solutions are also possible due to the significantly simpler routing of monorail systems in demanding topographical or urban planning projects.“

Marko Kroenke, President of the International Monorail Association, adds: “The study impressively demonstrates the dynamics of the monorail segment. It also makes clear that with 80 monorail systems in operation worldwide, monorails are an established and relevant transport system in public passenger transport, and the applications are growing strongly.”

To further support the growth, IMA has started to develop a performance based specification for total turnkey applications. The first edition of the ‘Performance Specification for a Turnkey Mass Transit Monorail System’ is a tool that enables customers and users, based on best practice and applying national and international regulations, to tailor a system to their specific transport needs. Around 25 international experts of various disciplines were contributing and reviewing - always with the aim of ensuring the highest level of safety and quality for implementation. Marko Kroenke concludes: "We are convinced that this specification document will help to further promote the application of monorails because it gives all stakeholders along the value chain orientation about the possibilities of monorails."

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