The aim of the International Monorail Association is to provide a platform for interaction between National, Regional, and Local Public Authorities, the Monorail OEM Industry, the Monorail Operating and/or Maintenance Companies, Monorail Consulting Engineering Companies and Monorail System Builders, with the purpose to aid in the responsible and efficient use of Monorail for Public Mass Transit.

By becoming a member, you will have access to a powerful network of monorail professionals.


IMA brings a great deal of benefits to any organization involved in monorail technology. Membership is open to natural and legal persons with an interest in the use of Monorail in Public Mass Transit.


There are many benefits to joining IMA such as:

  • STAY UP-TO-DATE Address important issues such as Performance Standards, Equipment Safety, Operational Technologies, Personal Safety and Security.
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Market to new customers and exchange ideas with those involved in the design and construction of monorails in other parts of the world.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Learn from the experience of representatives of operating companies around the world, who exchange experiences and good practices with those in attendance.
  • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Promote monorail concepts to potential markets skeptical about monorail benefits and who tend to stay with traditional solutions.



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