Monorailex 2019

We cordially invite you to join our 11th International Monorail Association Annual Conference (Monorailex 2019) in Chiba, Japan from November 24 to November 26, 2019, ahead of the Japanese premier transportation exhibition Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2019 also held in Chiba from November 27 to 29, 2019.

Monorailex 2018

The 10th International Monorail Association Annual Conference (Monorailex 2018) was held at the Novotel Hotel am Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany from September 13 to 15, 2018. Monorailex conferences aim to provide a platform for experts and scholars in the field of monorail transportation and business development to share knowledge, discuss existing problems, opportunities, and challenges, while strengthening international cooperation for this cutting-edge technology. The format for Monorail 2018 included presentations of scholarly papers, roundtable workshop sessions, technical tours and opportunities to network with other professionals in the field. We thank everyone for their participation.


Monorailex 2017

The International Monorail Association, Beijing Jiaotong University, and China Monorail Transportation Development Research Center announced Monorailex 2017. The conference and exhibition took place at Beijing Jiaotong University, in Beijing, China, September 7-9, with an impressive list of Chinese companies co-organizing the event. The event showcased the progress in the Monorail and Maglev fields, and included International and Chinese exhibitors. There were three tracks in the presentations: Vehicle, Systems, and Infrastructure.                

ASCE APM Meeting 2016 - Toronto, Canada

Members of the Executive Committee traveled to Toronto, Canada to attend the ASCE 15th International Conference on Automated People Movers and Automated Transit Systems on April 17-20, 2016. The Executive Members identified areas of interest where IMA contributed to ASCE 21 elements of the Performance Specifications to capture Mass Transit Monorail characteristics.

Webinar: Monorail Power Rails - Critical Considerations for Powering Monorails/APM Systems

The International Monorail Association held an international webinar with Keith Forman of Conductix, a company that designs, manufactures, and installs/services a wide range of conductor bar systems, transit conductor rails, slip ring assemblies, and inductive power transfer (IPT®) systems, as well as cable festoons, spring driven cable reels, and motor driven cable reels. When: April 14, 2016, 7:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time (UTC -08:00) Who: Keith Forman, Conductix

Monorailex 2015

At the International Monorail Association, we believe that at the heart of every big city there is an opportunity for people to get to work, school, shop, visit friends, etc. conveniently, reliably, and efficiently. That goal requires assessment of what the conditions are on the ground, what the patterns of user preferences are, what the services presently available are in the form of buses, taxis, underground, what the gaps in service are, as well as the volume of passengers involved.

Webinar: Increasing Fire Safety- A Holistic Approach

An international webinar was held by our member Roger Dirksmeier with FOGTEC, a company dedicated to the covering an important topic in mass transit: Increasing Fire Safety- A Holistic Approach. The talk expanded on how to make use of innovative technologies and processes to increase fire safety and efficiency in modern mass transportation systems. About Roger Dirksmeier: Mr. Roger – A. Dirksmeier General Manager – Rail Systems FOGTEC Fire Protection, Cologne, Germany.

2014 Activities

September 19-22, 2014 - Wuppertal, Germany


A seminar for Monorail specialists from around the world who wished to be involved in the process of drafting a set of Performance Specifications for Elevated and Automated Public Transports Systems.