2014 Activities

September 19-22, 2014 - Wuppertal, Germany


A seminar for Monorail specialists from around the world who wished to be involved in the process of drafting a set of Performance Specifications for Elevated and Automated Public Transports Systems.

ASCE APM Meeting 2015 - Orlando, FL

Members of the Executive Committee met in Orlando with members of the ASCE Automated People Mover group on February 6-8th to identify areas of interest where IMA could contribute to ASCE 21 elements of the Performance Specifications currently under development to capture Mass Transit Monorail characteristics.

IMA Organizational Workshop

After the meeting with ASCE APM, the executive committee members attending the session, Peter Keller, Peter Timan, Peter Wittwer, Jaap Ketel and Carlos Banchik. The workshop counted with the attendance of Mr. Patrick Sweet, Monorail Product Manager of Bombardier Transportation as a guest. The group worked on many tasks:

Patrick Sweet appointed Director of Marketing and Social Outreach

During the event and recognizing the notable contributions in the area of internet marketing and sales of Mr. Sweet, the Executive Council offered him the position of Director of Marketing and Social Outreach, a position he gladly accepted. This is another example of how the association works towards the distribution of monorail related knowledge.