Webinar: Increasing Fire Safety- A Holistic Approach

An international webinar was held by our member Roger Dirksmeier with FOGTEC, a company dedicated to the covering an important topic in mass transit: Increasing Fire Safety- A Holistic Approach. The talk expanded on how to make use of innovative technologies and processes to increase fire safety and efficiency in modern mass transportation systems. About Roger Dirksmeier: Mr. Roger – A. Dirksmeier General Manager – Rail Systems FOGTEC Fire Protection, Cologne, Germany. During his study at the “Cologne University of Applied Sciences” for vehicle engineering, Roger had first time deep contact with the railway industry and had to work out fire protection concepts for fire protection solutions in metro vehicles (1998). To finalize the Technical Engineering degree (specialized in “track-guided vehicles” and “traction technologies”) Roger did his master thesis at Deutsche Bahn, the best-known German railway operator, with the focus on fire risk analysis and fire protection concepts for railway vehicles. Afterwards he joined FOGTEC Fire Protection in Cologne to develop the market for rolling stock applications with innovative and customized solutions for active fire protection. The Rail Systems team of FOGTEC is today the world market leader for active fire protection solutions in railway vehicles and has references all over the world with more than installed 12.000 systems. Roger, now in his 15th year at FOGTEC, heads all railway activities and is joining several normative and research groups throughout the world touching fire protection in railway systems.

2014 Activities

September 19-22, 2014 - Wuppertal, Germany


A seminar for Monorail specialists from around the world who wished to be involved in the process of drafting a set of Performance Specifications for Elevated and Automated Public Transports Systems.


This tutorial was specifically aimed at persons who wished to learn the basics of monorail technology and applications. Participation in the Tutorial was free for Seminar Delegates

The following categories of interested parties benefited from the presentations:

  • Public Transportation
  • Professionals
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Policy Delegates
  • Consultants
  • Contractors-Suppliers

Previous Conferences

2009 International Monorail Conference Dubai, UAE

2010 International Monorail Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009 The Institutional meeting of the MONORAILEX Association took place on November 24-26, 2009 in Wuppertal, Germany
2013 Incheon Airport Korea, Urban Maglev Post-conference visit IMA delegates

ASCE APM Meeting 2015 - Orlando, FL

Members of the Executive Committee met in Orlando with members of the ASCE Automated People Mover group on February 6-8th to identify areas of interest where IMA could contribute to ASCE 21 elements of the Performance Specifications currently under development to capture Mass Transit Monorail characteristics.

IMA Organizational Workshop

After the meeting with ASCE APM, the executive committee members attending the session, Peter Keller, Peter Timan, Peter Wittwer, Jaap Ketel and Carlos Banchik. The workshop counted with the attendance of Mr. Patrick Sweet, Monorail Product Manager of Bombardier Transportation as a guest. The group worked on many tasks:

  1. Taking the steps required to move the association from Nederland where it was founded five years ago by our General Secretary Jaap Ketel to Switzerland, where the financial and some administrative tasks will be taken care by Mr. Peter Wittwer and Peter Keller and staff at Derap AG. The balance of administrative tasks and marketing will be taken care of by Carlos Banchik and staff at Innova Technologies.
  2. Working on the Articles and Charter for the new Association. These documents will be presented to the attendees in our next event later this year.
  3. Review of our Mission statement, also to be presented in our next event.
  4. Development of the value proposition to our members,
  5. Identification of potential members to our association
  6. Development of guidelines for our website
  7. Review of the status of the Performance Specifications

Patrick Sweet appointed Director of Marketing and Social Outreach

During the event and recognizing the notable contributions in the area of internet marketing and sales of Mr. Sweet, the Executive Council offered him the position of Director of Marketing and Social Outreach, a position he gladly accepted. This is another example of how the association works towards the distribution of monorail related knowledge.